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Simple ASP.NET and jQuery Image Gallery With Thumbnails

18 June 2014
Step-by-step tutorial on how to create a simple image gallery using ASP.NET Repeater control and jQuery [More]

CMYK vs RGB vs PMS Color Profile

11 May 2014
Color profile is very important before you start designing. Choosing the wrong color profile and you get the wrong result. For starter, RGB is used in digital design. CMYK and PMS usually used for printing projects. What happen if you choose RGB for printing projects instead of CMYK ? The color won't print right unlike the display on your screen. That is why choosing the color profile is important. [More]

Credit Card Payment Processing Process

21 April 2014
Credit card payment is a convenient method of payment providing many benefits to both consumers and merchants. When you pay via credit card in a store or online, you are using a sophisticated and reliable worldwide payment system. Merchants pay a fee to access this system and to offer their customers the convenience of using their credit card. Credit cards are widely accepted across countries all around the world because they are a valuable payment tool that makes doing business easier for merchants and their customers. [More]

Email Scam From Chinese Domain Name Registrar

22 March 2014
A suspicious email scam was delivered to my inbox earlier from Easton Zhang easton@dhservices.org.cn. I was kinda freaked out at first, because apparently some company in China is about to use my domain name, but somehow I feel suspicious about this email and did a little search. The email says [More]

Responsive Web Design VS Mobile Site

12 February 2014
The number of mobile users are growing rapidly over these past few years, about 10% to 30% of your website visitors came through mobile devices. Does your business have a mobile-optimized website to capture all those mobile users? Apparently desktop websites are no longer adequate to serve its purpose these days. The main question is not why we need mobile-optimized website, but what mobile optimization methods suitable for your business? Responsive Web Design or Mobile Site? [More]
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