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SOPA/PIPA Blackout Protest

18 January 2012
Wikipedia, Google, WordPress, and several other websites will be shut down or blackout special pages for 24 hours as form of protest of US Bills called the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA). SOPA and PIPA will give authorization to US Government (Department of Justice) to shutdown websites that are accused of containing "copyright infringement". [More]

GoDaddy $1 Domain Coupon Code January 2012: COOLDOMAIN

02 January 2012
GoDaddy has recently released another discount coupon though which you can grab any available domain for just $1 which will be valid until January 31, 2012 or until the registration of 10,000 domains through the discount coupon (whichever reaches first). [More]
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