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Bad Review of Hostable Hosting

24 January 2014

I'd like to share about my bad experience with Hostable, a hosting provider under Brinkster Communications. They terminated my account 3 months before the terms was ended and without any prior notification. I was not able to access my account, email, cPanel, and pretty much everything. They simply asked me to pay the renewal fee, or they will close the account and wipe out everything. Here is how it all started...

In March 2011, Hostable had this amazing hosting offer with 3 year unlimited hosting for $0.99. The type of offer any webmasters wouldn't miss for sure. So I registered, gone through the payment process, received hosting information, and I even received a welcome email from Jared Stauffer, the CEO of Hostable.com

hostable invoice

A year later, they sent me an empty invoice and payment confirmation for $0.00. Well I suppose they just wanted to bill their customers annually, though I paid for 3 year terms in advance. Same thing happened in March 2013. But in January 2014, I received this strange invoice says Unlimited Hosting Plan 01/15/2014 - 04/14/2014 for $20.97. It's weird because I wasn't expected the invoice up until March 2014. 3 years they say, right!?

I immediately tried to reach out Hostable via live chat

Michael: Hello, and thank you for visiting today. We are currently experiencing a high volume of visitors. While you wait, please feel free to state the nature of your visit. I will reply back as soon as possible.

Tommy: My account is suspended. I bought a 3 years unlimited hosting in March 2011, and the next billing date is 3/22/2014. Today I was charged with $20.97 to extend my hosting plan from 1/15/2014 to 4/14/2014, and my account is suspended. I believe I still have rights to access my hosting until 3/22/2014, don't I?

Michael: There have been a number of orphaned accounts that have been causing major disruptions to legitimate websites within Hostable. In an effort to clean up services for legitimate customers, we are discontinuing the promotional hosting accounts that choose not to renew services. If you choose to renew the hosting services with Hostable today, your account will automatically receive the remainder of the time allotted to you during the "Time Free" promotion which you selected. If you do not want to renew we can go ahead an cancel the account for you, be advised that canceling your account will result your files being deleted from the server.

Tommy: ok then, how to reactivate my account?

Michael: Once we see you have paid that Payment for March it will unlock. Follow these instructions Log into your paypal account and click on “Send Money” Send to Payments@Brinkster.com and include your Hostable email address in the notes or subject of the payment email. Once you have made the Payment just come back to chat an provide us with the Transaction id that it gives you.

Some facts we could learn from this:

  • The reason why the offer 3 years hosting plans for $0.99 is because they have a better chance of making more money than selling at a regular price. For instance, they can get 10,000 customers for $0.99 instead of only 100 customers for $50. Overselling is basically placing a very large amounts of customers on servers which causes low site performance, and server overload.
  • It's impossible for a hosting provider to offer unlimited disk space or bandwidth. There always a limit they set to your websites, so when you start using a lot of disk space or bandwidth, your hosting will be suspended.

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